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Corporate Overview

Company, product and customer profile

A leading provider of solutions for workforce management for over twenty years, SMART has helped some of the world's most successful companies maximise the performance, productivity and value of their people. In turn, this has enabled our customers to achieve a sustainable reduction in their people costs of up to 10%.

Delivering a complete solution, from time and attendance to workforce scheduling and from development to installation to customer support, our customers enjoy a more flexible working environment and an improved work-life balance for their greatest asset – their workforce.

SMART Workforce Management Solutions:

  • Manage complex shifts and annualised hours
  • Right size staff instantly to meet fluctuating demands
  • Cut absenteeism and recruitment costs
  • End spiralling overtime and see productivity climb
  • Improve employee relationships with powerful self-service
  • Implement flexible working and create business agility

Customers Include:

Ocado, Gist, Habitat, Jaguar, JCB, NHS, Mandarin Oriental, Sainsbury's, Swissport, Trailfinders, Tussauds Group and Greater Manchester Fire.

SMART Technology

SMART's integrated solutions for workforce management provide efficient people management anywhere in the world. Developed using microsoft.NET technology, our zero-footprint web solutions are flexible, reliable, scalable and easy to implement.
Whether fully installed on site, delivered as a managed or hosted service, the architecture enables you to focus on the specific areas of priority, and reconfigure the system at will to meet new challenges such as changes to Working Time Regulations.
SMART systems enable planning, data capture and authorisation anywhere and everywhere you need it. Web-based advanced self-service, touch-screen kiosks and mobile activation via phone and PDA, ensure that employees can use the system even if they don't have PC access.
Zero footprint SMART Web Technology ensures that no desktop installation or downloading of components, applets or software are required. It also ensures low network installation costs across all SMART solution modules and even lower maintenance/upgrade overheads in the future.


Our customers include some of the world's best known organisations, and our solutions and expertise extend to cover a broad range of industries including, Aviation, Logistics, Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Government and Healthcare.

Professional Support

SMART's focus and dedication to end-to-end customer support ensures that you enjoy maximum benefit with minimal cost of ownership. SMART delivers a comprehensive range of services, including; Project management, Implementation, Business Consulting, Training, Technology Support and more. This ensures that we future-proof your investment and provide a workforce solution that will meet your needs today and into the future.

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