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Barking and Dagenham CHS select SMART/HMT e rostering system

Barking and Dagenham Community Health Services has selected HMT's e-rostering system to manage staff rostering and overtime on its wards. The Trust is using HMT's RosterPro Central initially to manage shift working on three wards, with a view to rolling it out across its rapid response teams and all clinical staff. The Trust expects significant savings from reducing the use of agency services as well as improved governance of working time directive, with more accurate records of staff working hours and overtime.

HMT, which was acquired by SMART in December 2009, was selected to provide e rostering systems following an evaluation of three competitive solutions for its ease of use and functionality. The new solution, RosterPro Central, replaces a manual system reducing both administration time taken to create staff rotas and the use of bank and agency staff by enabling the deployment of available staff first. The Trust's Ward Managers use the system to create workable and safe rosters for suitably skilled staff, improving staff morale through more responsive shift patterns.

According to Alison Browne, Head of Nursing at Barking and Dagenham Community Health Services; "We chose HMT's solution because it was the easiest to use, yet gave us the features that we were looking for. We anticipate significant savings from using RosterPro Central - through agency requests and annual leave being processed electronically and accurate timesheets going to payroll.

"With the right deployment of available staff, we don't have to depend on filling gaps with temporary staffing. It also helps us with governance, to ensure that our staff are not overstretched or working outside of the legal requirements, as well as reminding us automatically of staff registration dates."

HMT's system provides an accurate picture of current staffing and absence levels as well as costs and budget, providing measurements and control on the use of agency and bank services. It prevents over rostering, thereby losing man hours (as well as staff working under their allocated hours) and gives an up to the minute record of staff leave and overtime payments.

Tristan Spencer, Health Market Director at SMART commented; "These are challenging times for the public sector - the NHS, like all public services, is facing reduced budgets yet must meet key performance indicators. Trusts must match staff skills and availability with the required patient care demands by optimising resources, whilst still maintaining a tight control on costs.

"E-rostering systems can help to maximise staff efficiencies. They provide an automated process of preparing and managing a staff roster. Based on grades and skills and availability, e-rostering best matches the patient care required, and by deploying available staff, there is less dependency on filling gaps from the (costly) bank or temporary staffing. Efficient staff rotas have also been proven to improve staff morale and job satisfaction."

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