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Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust upgrades to SMART/HMT e-rostering system

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust is running HMT's e rostering system to manage staff rostering and overtime on its wards. The Trust has upgraded to HMT's RosterPro Central to support rostering of all rotational nursing staff, enabling efficiencies from appropriately skilled staff deployment across its wards. The rostering system will be integrated with the bank system, enabling staff to make requests of the roster according to availability and preference, resulting in less administration and overall reduced costs through more efficient rotas. A recent pilot has demonstrated potential savings on net ward staffing costs. The rollout of the new system started in April, covering ten wards per month in over thirty locations, with completion by August 2010.

HMT's solution, (HMT were acquired by SMART in December 2009) was selected to provide the e rostering system following an evaluation and feasibility study of three competitive solutions. RosterPro Central will be accessed by over 1200 bank staff. They will be trained from April 2010 on how to use R-Anywhere which is the mobile interface part of R-Roster, the self-service portal for staff to notify their availability to work in the staff pool or bank, as well as to enter requests for shifts and planned absence in their permanent role. Bank staff are able to access R-Anywhere from home, a mobile device like a smart phone or via the Trust Intranet.

According to Simon Ramage, Head of Contracts at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust; "RosterPro is an excellent management tool that supports our rostering requirements. HMT and SMART combined provide a strong product combining SMART's approved McKesson ESR interface technology with HMT's market leading rostering package. RosterPro enables us to apply a more rational and structured approach to deploying our staff, ensuring that the correct mix of skills are present for each shift."

"The new system provides more accurate visibility of rostering, with improved information for better audit checks. Providing R-Anywhere and R-Roster will enable staff from our bank to be more engaged with the system as well as benefit directly from the improved rosters." Deploying bank staff automatically using RosterPro Central will replace the need for ward managers to request staff manually, reducing the likelihood and costs of overstaffing. Through an ESR interface, the system enables monitoring of sickness and absence, annual leave planning, and provides automated payroll and timesheets for the Trust's 650 substantive ward staff and rostered Bank Staff. It can also provide monitoring of nurse registration, Working Time Regulation hour's compliance and use of agency staff. Tristan Spencer, Health Market Director at SMART commented; "Efficient staff rosters can result in significant benefits both in staffing costs and employee morale, an increasingly important focus for NHS Trusts. Deploying staff across multiple wards enables a better spread of skilled staff and provides improved patient care. Enabling staff more control over their schedules can also provide a better work/life balance."

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