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Royal Theatre adopts workforce-xml open standards

The Royal Theatre, known in Spanish as El Teatro Real, is Madrid´s prestigious opera house and as a user of the SMART eHL workforce management software is the first to adopt workforce-xml, the open standard for workforce data collection interfaces. AXESS TMC, a workforce-xml compliant hardware manufacturer will be supplying Royal Theatre with Ultrax data collection devices.

The Royal Theatre uses SMART eHL to automate the data capture and planning of staff working hours for its 750 employees and uses employee clocking terminals to electronically capture start and finish times.

Fernando Martinez, IT Systems Director at Royal Theatre is always enthusiastic about new initiatives and is keen to implement open standards to ensure the company is not tied to any one vendor or supplier.

Fernando Martinez said: "Like many enterprises, whether private or public, it is important that we align ourselves with open standards to reduce our dependence on vendors and therefore control costs".

By using workforce-xml compliant software and hardware, organisations can be secure in their investments and have freedom to use any other compliant hardware or software.

Fernandez Martinez continues: "I am no longer ‘locked in' to a specific vendor. This gives us freedom and puts us, as the end-user, in the driving seat".

Nick Whiteley, Chair of the workforce-xml consortium, commented: "I am delighted that our initiative has resonated so strongly with IT decision makers and has gained traction so quickly. The Royal Theatre represents another milestone in workforce-xml adoption".

Nick Whiteley continues: "In little over 12 months from the launch of workforce-xml, we have seen significant developments, interest and now adoption. This pace of development is quite rare in open standards and shows the hunger of the IT community for reducing costs, risk and leveraging vendor independent technologies".

Workforce-xml was formed in November 2007 by a consortium of international vendors from Europe and the Americas. Over the last 12 months the consortium has created and published a number of open specifications and has been working on the implementation and certification of these standards.

About Workforce-XML

Workforce-XML represents a consortium of organisations looking to create open industry standards between data collection devices and workforce management software; with the aim of increasing choice for end-users whilst at the same time reducing total costs of ownership. For more information visit


AXESS TMC designs, manufactures and provides worldwide products and systems for Access Control, Time & Attendance, Manufacturing Floor Control, Job Costing and general Data Collection. For further information please visit the company website

About The Royal Theatre

The Royal Theatre is Madrid´s prestigious opera house which stages 17 opera titles per year as well as major ballets and recitals and seats around 1,750 people. The Royal Theatre, in Spanish ‘El Teatro Real', is owned by the Ministry of Culture. For further information please visit

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