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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust upgrades to SMART’s RosterPro Central eRostering system

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has upgraded to SMART’s RosterPro Central to support rostering of all staff at Salisbury District Hospital. Salisbury Hospital has been using SMART’s R Bank to successfully manage its staff bank for the last four years and has upgraded to RosterPro Central to increase the utilisation of permanent Trust staff and reduce reliance on temporary bank and agency staffing. Initially, the hospital is to roll out RosterPro Central to over six hundred nursing staff, covering its 20 wards, with the intention to roll out to the theatres, emergency department and doctors at a later date.

Colette Martindale, DSN Clinical Support and Family Services Manager and Project Sponsor at Salisbury District Hospital said: “Patient safety and care is of the highest importance for us and so we need to ensure that we have adequate staffing numbers and skills mix both on our wards and where we are providing frontline services.

“RosterPro Central will help us to ensure that we have the most efficient rosters that meet these priorities. Using the system we hope to see a significant reduction in our use of agency staff and bank overtime. With the right staffing levels and skills mix we can deliver high standards of patient care and minimise clinical risks across the organisation.”

RosterPro Central enables rosters to be created to match staff resource to patient requirements, ensuring that the correct balance of skills and experience is deployed across the wards. Automating the process reduces the administrative burden of creating and changing rosters manually.

Through an ESR interface, the system enables monitoring of sickness and absence, annual leave planning, and provides automated payroll and timesheets for the Trust’s staff. It can also provide monitoring of nurse registration, Working Time Regulation hour’s compliance and use of agency staff.

All nursing staff will have access to RosterPro Central through PCs in their ward areas, and will be able to view the rosters and request changes if required for personal appointments or holidays. They will also be able to update their availability for extra hours and check outstanding leave and days in lieu. This provides staff with more flexibility and better work life balance.

Tristan Spencer, Health Market Director at SMART commented; “NHS Trusts face the challenge of delivering high standards of patient care and safety at a time when budgets are being tightened. It is important to manage existing resources more efficiently to get the best results. RosterPro Central helps Trusts to produce more efficient rosters that can reduce overall staff costs and short term sickness through improved deployment of existing staff, which reduces reliance on expensive and higher risk temporary staffing. It can provide an instant view of planned staff costs, absence and skill mix issues –tools that Trusts need to manage safe rosters within budget”.

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