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Western Health and Social Care Trust selects SMART/HMT RosterPro Central

Western Health and Social Care Trust has chosen SMART/HMT to provide workforce management systems for its 3,000 nursing and midwifery staff. The Trust is to implement SMART’s RosterPro Central e-rostering and bank solutions in a phased implementation. The new systems will replace largely manual processes, saving Ward Sisters/Charge Nurses time when designing and managing rosters, enabling the Trust to more effectively manage resources assigned to wards and departments. RosterPro Central will enable the Trust to better ensure compliance with European Working Time Regulations, while providing a more flexible system for staff and ensuring the appropriate skill mix of Registered and Non-Registered staff is available on the wards at all times.

The SMART solution (HMT were acquired by SMART in December 2009) was selected after a thorough tender and evaluation process which was governed by the Regional Business Services Organisation, Procurement and Logistics Service (BSO PALS). RosterPro Central provided the best match to the Trusts functionality requirements. Brendan McGrath, Asst Director of Nursing said, “RosterPro Central met all our requirements, and we particularly liked the look and feel of the system. The screens were well designed, clear and easy to understand and we felt very appropriate for staff that do not use IT systems on a regular basis. We were also impressed by the company’s integrity and way of doing business.”

The integrated e-rostering and bank system will be rolled out across the wards during an 18 month implementation programme. Staff will be able to access the system to make requests, for instance for holidays and days off in special circumstances, as well as giving their availability for additional bank hours. This is expected to improve staff satisfaction as they have more control over their hours, and improved planning of Rosters. The new system will also provide a more transparent record of hours and shifts worked, enabling the Trust to analyse data and in particular to identify ‘expensive shifts’ where more highly qualified staff are used than are required, and to recover lost hours.

Tristan Spencer, Health Market Director at SMART commented; “NHS trusts are now under incredible pressure to manage their existing resources as efficiently as possible. Intelligent e rostering and bank management significantly cuts manual administration and provides more efficient rosters. This enables Trusts to better manage their workforce and ensure that the most appropriate skill mix is present on each ward to safeguard patient care, it also can improve staff morale as they have more time to plan their schedule to maintain a better work/life balance.”

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