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SMART People Tools for Seamless Integration

User-friendly devices and tools for the collection, customisation, integration and reporting of workforce management data

When it comes to workforce management, the better your data gathering and analysis, the faster, easier and more accurate your roster planning, staff deployment, compliance and security can be. With real-time data, integration as well as proactive alerts and automated reporting and analysis, you can turn information into intelligence for a new level of visibility, control and compliance.

Key benefits

  • Complete operational visibility for informed decision making and overall business performance analysis
  • Real time automated reporting and alerts can easily be configured to suit your business requirements and performance indicators
  • Data collection options and biometrics minimise the risk of "buddy punching" and ensure payroll accuracy
  • Managers can be alerted to issues before they happen, for a fast, effective resolution Health and safety, certification and training criteria can be more easily and effectively met
  • Maximum ROI is achieved through customisation options and seamless integration

Complementing the core workforce management solutions, SMART People Tools give businesses everything they need to maximise on the value from both their solution and people, and drive competitive advantage.

Key features

Data Collection

Enables quick and easy clocking in and out, remote logging by telephone, and full tracking of guests, visitors and contractors. SMART's data collection services and devices including customisable ID badges and biometric hand readers, which automatically collect and consolidate data in real-time, accurately and securely.

Access Control

Enabling ID-driven access control for barriers, turnstiles or doors, Access Control not only regulates individual access to the site or specific work locations, but can also provide real-time tracking information of staff and visitors for real-time muster lists.

Analysis and Reporting

Automatically monitors and reports on all elements of workforce management, from rosters, certifications, absence, compliance, costing, location and performance, according to your own information needs and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Whether individual, departmental or company wide SMART's sophisticated Analysis and Reporting tool ensures that Senior Management, Line of Business Managers (LOB)and staff have the right information at the right time.


Data is seamlessly integrated between SMART's solutions to and from HR, ERP and Payroll systems, using generic batch-based or real-time interfaces, compliant to HR-XML and SOAP. Customisation Easy to use, SMART's flexible rules engine allows both simple and complex customisation, with tools for users, administrators and developers. With no two business the same, this is an essential tool to delivering maximum ROI from your solution.

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