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Scheduling & Rostering Management Software

The right people in the right place at the right time, for optimised productivity, costs and compliance

Providing a sophisticated rostering system, SMART Scheduling helps ensure your people are deployed according to business demand, and each individual delivers optimum value to the organisation.

Key benefits

  • Staffing levels and costs are optimised for productivity and service delivery
  • Scheduling time and administration are minimised, with less management intervention required
  • Overtime and agency costs are minimised
  • Gives more control over staff and agency planning
  • Easier compliance with Working Time Directive and other regulatory obligations
  • Schedules can be automatically created in just 15 minutes
  • Staff can choose, request and swap shifts for a better work-life balance
  • Absenteeism is reduced and staff retention is improved

SMART Scheduling adapts easily to existing work-rules, manages holidays, absence and even allows employees to self-roster, for improved productivity, lower administration costs and a better work-life balance.

Using SMART Scheduling, it is easy to control and manage the cost of both current and future rosters. Managers are also proactively alerted to under or over-manning scenarios and skills shortfalls, while suggesting appropriate solutions.

Key features

Roster Planning

Practical, easy to use and configurable to a wide variety of work rules, Roster Planning helps you easily plan, create and manage all types of rosters. Helping you match staff skills and availability with manning requirements and fluctuating business demand, the system finds the most appropriate employees for the roster. Both planned and unplanned absences are taken into account, with immediate re-rostering to address over or under-manning situations.

Roster Administration

With SMART's self-rostering and Self-Service shift swapping, employees can agree their shifts between themselves without the need to check with their managers, reducing administration and management time and giving staff a welcome degree of choice and independence. Changing the roster is easy, as new employees can be easily included in the roster at any point and roster rules can be amended without programming. A full history of all roster changes is always available, providing a complete audit trail.

Contract and Legal Compliance

With proactive alerts to potential legal and local regulatory breaches during (rather than after) roster validation, working time compliance and the associated costs are no longer an issue. Links to finance to track budget and job costs enable accurate performance assessments, and ensure your employees have the breaks they are entitled to whilst minimising lost waiting, downtime or excess time.

Skills Management

Enabling you to match skills to demand, you can easily plan future rosters, covering shortfalls, whilst ensuring that the right people with the right qualifications and experience, are available. Skills Management not only produces automatic alerts to prevent workers operating machinery or undertaking tasks without the necessary qualified skills, but ensures that skilled workers' certifications or proofs of competence, such as first aid, or drugs tests, are up to date and valid.


With SMART's advanced, user-friendly Auto-Rostering System, a roster can be created at the touch of a button according to preconfigured rules, taking skill type, experience level and staffing levels into account. Rules can be adjusted according to department or group, and staff and managers can be alerted to shift notifications by mobile messaging.

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