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Self-Service Employee Portal

SMART Self-Service enables staff to request and plan their own leave and rosters for greater choice, flexibility and loyalty

In today's more enlightened employment conditions, employees are more than simply human resources, they are people, with personal preferences and commitments outside the workplace. That's why companies who give employees the flexibility and responsibility to manage their own hours, including holidays and shifts are often more favourable employers. However, this is not just about the benefits for the staff, as there are many benefits to the business that make a real positive difference to its overall performance.

Key benefits

  • Improved work-life balance for staff
  • Encourages and fosters a team environment
  • Morale is improved, absenteeism is reduced, and performance and retention are increased.
  • Roster planning, management and administration requires less management time and focus, saving costs
  • Overtime and agency costs are minimised
  • Staff deployment is optimised, for greater productivity and service delivery.
  • Can be configured to ensure no supervisor involvement where rules are not infringed, reducing supervisory work
  • Gives employees transparency of information and decisions made around their working time, helping to improve the employee's relationship with the business
  • Highly configurable and flexible, allowing for different levels of self-service within the same organisation
  • Reduces costly administration

SMART's Self-Service workforce management software enables staff to request their own holiday, rosters and shift changes, through a variety of 'access points' such as PC or interactive kiosk. User-friendly and secure it gives staff choice and flexibility in choosing their hours and managing their time, which raises morale, retention and performance. Management time for leave and rosters is correspondingly reduced; delivering further cost savings and allowing greater focus on strategy and decision-making.

Key features


User friendly and secure, e-Employee enables staff to request and plan their own leave and rosters, swap shifts with colleagues, and access their personnel reports, either via PC or interactive SMART Touchkiosk.

With PIN and/or ID card access to ensure security and an easy-to-use interface, staff can view real-time rosters, hours worked, holiday balances, personal details, completed timesheets and submit their leave preferences. Employees can also both request and swap planned shifts with other employees providing no rules are infringed.

Self-Service Touchkiosk

Rugged, practical and easy to use, SMART Touchkiosk enables employees who don't have a PC to use eEmployee and record their presence and work activity. With its intuitive touch screen display and robust design it's ideal for any workplace and information is always up to date. With PIN and/or swipe card security to ensure only authorised access, confidential information is protected.


SMART Self-Rostering is a powerful, web-accessible and user-friendly rostering system that lets your staff enter their shift preferences to promote a better work-life balance. It not only significantly reduces the administration of rosters and employee shift requests; it also ensures staff are treated fairly in terms of their preferences. SMART Self-Rostering still allows managers to have overall control over the roster, but can suggest rosters based on staff preferences, taking into account staffing requirements and the EU Working Time Directive.

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