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Realise the benefits of ESR and deliver cost-effective patient care and a work-life balance for employees

With cost efficiencies so high up the agenda and time at a premium, there has never been a better time to introduce workforce planning software that helps to reduce costs associated with payroll preparation, resource deployment, use of agency and bank staff, absenteeism and aids staff retention.

The Challenge

  • Cost effective deployment of scarce clinical and non-clinical resources
  • Reduction in costs associated with payroll preparation
  • Compliance of 'Working Time Regulation' standards & 'New Deal' rules
  • Reduction in the use of temporary workers
  • Staff retention & achievement of 'Improving Working Lives'

The SMART Solution

  • Fully automated time and attendance management
  • Automatic staff rostering and self-rostering capability
  • eTouchkisok for employee visibility of rotas and holiday balance
  • Electronic approval and submission of payroll data to ESR with full audit trail functionality
  • Alert feature and management reporting to highlight absenteeism

The Benefits

  • Lower costs of payroll preparation and a more predictable payroll
  • Cost effective and improved resource deployment
  • Reduced workload and administration costs
  • Proof of adherence to Working Time Regulations & New Deal
  • Reduction in absence levels
  • Improved staff retention rates

For more detailed information on the cost reductions achievable with SMART eHL please see our Benefit Realisation page.

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