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Workforce Management Solutions for Government Organisations

Reduce absenteeism and payroll costs and improve work-life balance

According to the independent Gershon Review, one of the major issues affecting public sector efficiency is productive time. Likewise, the Lyons Review recommended that the government 'slim down' and better manage its administrative and back office processes. This move towards greater efficiency has a direct effect on the public sector's workforce management, with the need to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity creating pressures comparable to those in the private sector.

SMART's solution for Government enables employers to transform working practices and payment structures, break down workplace divides and make the best use of available resources to minimise unnecessary costs. It also enables demanding regulatory and compliance criteria to be met, and ensures the fair and sensitive treatment of staff to improve motivation and job satisfaction.

The challenge

  • Time and attendance management, especially with high levels of absenteeism through sickness and stress
  • Complex pay and working structures, with pay grades and rewards
  • Staff retention
  • Health & Safety/Loan Worker Initiatives

The SMART solution

  • Rostering to support for flexible working patterns and flexitime regimes
  • Compliance to Health & safety/Loan Worker Initiatives
  • Improved absence management and visibility of work practices
  • Ability to deliver against KPI's

The benefits

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Significant organisational savings
  • Greater staff loyalty
  • Reduced sickness and absenteeism
  • Improved service delivery through greater efficiency

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