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Effective staff deployment in a complex shift and multi-skilled environment

With its long hours culture, multi-skilled, transient, seasonal, casual and part time workforce on the one hand, and a reliance on staff to ensure high standards of customer service on the other, the hospitality sector has been quick to recognise the benefits of workforce management.

Used by Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Raffles International Hotels, the London Eye and Alton Towers, SMART's solution for the hospitality and leisure sector provides the visibility and the processes that managers need to ensure accurate scheduling of the most complex shift work patterns. It not only ensures the right staff are in the right place at the right time, but that people have the flexibility and choice they need to fit their jobs around their lifestyle, resulting in a happier, more motivated workforce, which is reflected in the service delivered to customers.

The challenge

  • Tracking and managing split shifts and location of staff
  • Forecasting labour costs
  • Visibility of workforce operations and demand for staff
  • Casual, transient and part time workforce
  • High agency costs
  • High absence rates
  • High level of staff and customer 'contact'
  • Managing rosters based on planned and current occupancy
  • Ability to plan for seasonal fluctuations
  • Ensuring compliance and efficiency through managing multiple employee contracts.
  • Multi-skilled workforce
  • High staff turnover

The SMART solution

  • Standardisation of work practices
  • Visibility on future labour costs
  • Elimination/reduction of manual processes e.g. timesheets
  • Efficient processes through accurate transfer of data to payroll
  • Better labour management
  • Recognition of the real hours worked by individual employees
  • Accurate alignment of resources with the needs of the business

The benefits

  • Improved work-life balance and job satisfaction for staff
  • Higher standards of customer service
  • Reduction of unnecessary labour costs
  • More profitable work time

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