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Manufacturing Workforce Solutions

In today’s increasingly lean and integrated manufacturing industry, employers are looking to their workforce to deliver the greater efficiencies they need to compete, without compromising on quality and service.

Used by companies including BAE Systems, JCB, Jaguar, Bostik Findley and Caterpillar, SMART’s solution for the manufacturing sector optimises staff deployment and productivity whilst reducing overtime and administration costs.

The Challenge

  • Globalisation and the low cost of production abroad
  • Six Sigma and Total Quality Management
  • Trend towards ‘lean’ methodologies and ‘zero waste’
  • Increasingly tight margins and cost control
  • Matching the right people to the demand of schedules
  • Activity monitoring is essential
  • Manipulating work practices to the skills available
  • Utilisation of staff skills
  • High staff turnover

The SMART solution

  • Calculates cost of individual jobs
  • Compares planned rosters against current needs
  • Estimates cost of roster including allowances for overtime and agency costs
  • Real time scheduling and visibility of the shop floor
  • Payroll accuracy

The Benefits

  • Maximises productivity
  • Realises the true economic value of staff
  • Increases staff motivation, loyalty and retention


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