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Workforce Management for the Service Sector

Scheduling and shift planning to deliver customer service levels

With high staff turnover, and a mobile, often distributed workforce, companies in the service sector can be at the mercy of their workforce to deliver the service level agreements that today's clients expect. Without careful workforce management, people costs and standards of service, can spiral out of control.

Used by companies such as Trailfinders, Autoglass, Swissport Cargo and Purple Parking, SMART's solution for the service sector provides essential visibility of staff and costs, enabling complex scheduling and shift planning across multiple locations.

The challenge

  • Complex workforce management with multiple contracts
  • Mobile, lone and remote workers
  • High recruitment and agency costs
  • Managing staff across multiple, broadly distributed locations
  • Flexible working patterns, including return to work issues

The SMART solution

  • Visibility of absence
  • Location management
  • Understanding costs against defined contracts
  • Scheduling to contract
  • Scheduling and shift planning
  • Streamlined payroll procedures

The benefits

  • Customers' Service Level Agreements can be more easily met
  • Improved management information for better decision making
  • Reduced recruitment and administration costs
  • Reduced agency or temporary workers
  • A better work-life balance for staff
  • Accurate payroll

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